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Click on the image to open a larger, resizable, version. Please let me know if you have any information (designer or artists name) about these cards and posters, or if you have something else to share.

An impassioned Plea
Letter inviting support for new radio station
not yet on the air, 1962

KRAB man, 1965? (Duck Press)
(Courtesy Ann Lindsey

Tax exempt!
IRS says its deductible, 1965 (Duck Press)
(Courtesy Ann Lindsey)

KRAB felicitations' beatified tax status
Lorenzo Nancy james& rexroth
how happy the life unembarrassed
by the cares of money

pacience is an heigh
vertu certeyn



The Great Carpet Sweep
The Great Carpet Sweep, Nov 5, 1966
(Courtesy Scott McDougall)

Outside envelope
Return envelope, outside, 1966
Fight Ear Pollution

Inside envelope
Return envelope, inside, 1966


Piano Drop ticketPiano Drop ticket Apr 28, 1968

1968 Brochure
Fancy fundraising, 1968-1969

1968 Brochure
Fancy fundraising, 1968-1969

Semi-Hysterical Marathon
Marathon Apr 1972
Endless Despair Press

Tiny Freeman's Jeep
Tiny Freeman for Congress, 1972

Tiny Freeman t-shirt
Tiny Freeman for Congress, 1972

KRAB Clovis 1973
Clovis 1973

KRAB All Yours1974

Dance Gallery
A Child's Christmas in Wales
($2.00 tickets) Nov 30, 1974

From the Nov 1974 program guide: "Dance Gallery, formerly of Utah, now settled in Seattle, will be performing among other works the Seattle premiere of "Owl & The Pussycat" and "Child's Christmas in Wales". The latter piece will be directed by Linda C Smith, who will be coming to Seattle from N.Y. State University especially for this work. The Company consists of Andrea Olsen, Peter Schmitz, Katherine Sanderson, Michael Dickinson, Patrick Caplis and Laurie Dill. They have toured extensively throughout the west prior to establishing residency in Seattle, last January."

KRAB arts and Crafts Fair
Arts, Craft's, folk music, and a witch in the Firehouse engine bays, Dec 1974

KPFA had held one for years, so we figured why not put all that space on the first floor of the fire station to some use. Maybe we could raise some money. So we announced the event, and Bob Weppner started getting phone calls from prospective performers - everything from bluegrass and folkmusic to the Wisdom Marionette Troupe. The person thought to be a magician turned out to be a "witch". After climbing to the stage, she proceeded to light candles, and spread some bowls of liquid around herself. As surreptitiously as possible I slipped upstairs and retrieved a fire extinguisher, just in case things should get out of hand. By the time I returned, half the crowd was cheering her on as she removed her clothing, while the rest improvised sound effects of scary wind storms. Eventually, she became discouraged, and gathering her things disappeared into the afternoon. Several months later, sometime long after midnight, I ran into her at the Hasty Tasty where she put a spell on me.

On Saturday the 14th, in the music studio upstairs Frank Ferrel "emceed" KRAB's First Giant On-the-Air Fiddler's Contest. For photos of the firestation and engine bays in earlier days, see the Dec 1974 Guide.

Post marathon benefit
Apr 20, 1975
(Courtesy Shawn Crowley)


KRAB Flea MarketMore cash from the engine bays, 1975


KRAB Substitute for dreams
Marathon Nov 1975 (white)

KRAB A substitute for dreams
Marathon Nov 1975 (blue)

The BankAmeriKRAB - Your ticket to financial well being
(Courtesy Bruce Greeley)

A Bi-centennial KRAB Walt Crowley's Bicentennial idea, 1976

Oddfellows Benefit
Benefit Mar 19, 1977

Uncle Cookie benefit
Benefit Oct 8, 1977
Thanks to Art Chantry, we can now say the artist for this poster was Carl Smool

See also Uncle Cookie thanks Patchman

Winter on Cougar Mountain
Cougar Mountain Dec 1978

KRAB Bumper sticker - Different Radio
Bumper sticker 1978

KRAB Cruise
KRAB cruise Jul 27, 1979
(Courtesy Nick Johnson)

When Love Goes Wrong
That's Nov 24, 1979
(Courtesy Steve Rabow)

Rock and Roll marathon Jun 6, 1980

A crab for KRAB
City Fish has a KRAB for you
(Courtesy Robert Horsley)

Gift subscription
Gift subscription form - inside

Gift subscription outside
Gift subscription form - outside

Moving to 23rd and Jackson
Moving again?
(Courtesy Robert Horsley)

KRAB button
KRAB button


Traff Hubert does some reasearchTraff Hubert researching KRABjazz

Shazam 1
Shazam flyer

Shazam 2
Shazam flyer

KRAB on your mind - Does anyone know who designed this poster?  Please tell us:
KRABphones-bicycle helmet
(Courtesy Dennis Flannigan)

KRABgrass t-shirt
T-shirt by Chuck Pennington
(Courtesy Dennis Flannigan

Vintage Rock t-shirt
Vintage Rock T-shirt
(By and courtesy of Gregg Whitcomb)

KRAB t-shirt
Another T-shirt
(Courtesy Gregg Whitcomb)

Edible radio t-shirt
Edible Radio T- shirt
(Courtesy Glen Beebe)

If you possess any souvenirs (program guides, tapes, or photos) or have a story about your experience with KRAB you are willing to share, please email

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