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A listing of plotters, conspirators, schemers, collaborators, fellow travelers, camp followers, dupes - Those that imagined, conceived, built, managed, mismanaged, recorded, engineered, folded, broke, shared their art, repaired, bought the beer, argued about, announced, mispronounced, wrote the checks, addressed, interviewed, photographed, raised the money, expressed themselves, mythologized, and drank the beer -

If you have come to this page seeking your name, only to be disappointed by its absence, do not be discouraged as it was not intentional. It is just that the person responsible for this list has a leak in his head and a lot of names have escaped. So, if you have an addition or a correction, send us an email and we will take care of it pronto.

Much of the material in the archive comes to this web site through the generosity of former KRAB staff, volunteers, and listeners. An asterisk to the left of their names identifies those that have shared, voluntarily or involuntarily, material in the archive. Thank you all. As of Apr 20, 2020, there are 727 names on this list.

Photographs can be seen on the KRAB People page.


Mike Acker


Gary Alinder


Tracy Alle

Tom Allen


Norm Alquist, engineer, fabricator of electronic devices


Harry St Amand, KRABgrass, 1975 (deceased, 1955-2005)


Jim Anderson, volunteer coordinator, programmer


Phil Andrus, folk music, nw folklife festival, environmental education


Andy de los Angeles 


Anna Louise Strong Brigade


Ellen Aquino 


Norm Arkans, On the Foul Line


Susan Auerbach


Tad Austin


Gage Averill


Luis Aviado




Steve Baber


LeRoy Backus

Michael H Bader, legal relief (d. Nov 2, 2001)


Captain Baltic, bumbling with baltic

Gary Bannister, music director, programmer (d. Oct 18, 2010)


Phil Bannon, engineer, announcer, guide overseer

Bob Baron, Madman Moskowitz (d. Aug 18, 2006)


Py Bateman, business manager  - Presentation at UW in 2010 - Py is the single female.


Norman Batley, Life Elsewhere


Scot Beattie


Carla Becker, programmer


Shantha Benegal, Music of India


David Bennett


Artemia Benitez


Karen Berge, production assistant, Poetry Windows


David Berger


Tom Berghan, music director 


Bob Bevis, guide layout and printing


Judy Bierman


Marty Bick


George Bigley


(Not So Straight) John Bixler


Onol Bilkur, Turkish music


Trim Bissell, commentary


Sasha Bley 


Barbara Blunt


Kathy Bottoms


Jeff Boyce 


Daniel Bradac


Kevin Brechner


Richard Brender


Doris Brevoort


Beliz Brother


James Brow


Judy Brow, née Buck (1940-2019)


Greg Brown, engineering


Sid Brown


Steve Brown


Terry Brown


Bruce Bubatz 


Ed Buchanan


Vernon Buck


Robert Burk 


John Burke


Libby Burke


Natasha Bushnell 


Cliff Butler




Fern Cades, production supervisor, Antioch intern 1970


Joe Cain


Kathy Cain, jsmf trustee


David Calhoun, announcer/engineer, and original manager of KBOO 


Doug Campbell

Mae Campbell, Sea-Tac Gospel train (d. May 26, 1992)


Ron Campbell


Charles Canada


Larry Cantil


Jim Cantú, jsmf trustee, Nuestra Ovia Realidad,

Richard Carbray, commentary (d. Oct 16, 1998)


Gary Carlson


Paul Carlson


Chas W Carpenter (program log Mar 7, 1965)


Janine Carpenter 


Sharon Carson


Barbara Castleman, bijou theatre

John Caughlan, commentary (d. Apr 17, 1999)


Cornell Cebrian

Margaret Ceis, jsmf trustee (d. May 23, 2012)


Art Ceniza


David Chaddock


Clint Chapin


Tom Cherry


Annabel Chotzen


Jim Christie, program guide design


Jeff Christensen, guide production


Louise Clark


Geraldine Cole


Jan Cole


Steve Coleman, Radio Albion, Ned Ludd Presents


Alf Collins, commentary


Ray Collins, see March 5, 1979 9:00 pm


Angel Colon


John Comstock


Byron Coney, legal relief, commentary, jsmf trustee


Celia Congdon


Clare Conrad 


Jim Conrad


Alister Conway, public affairs director


Dan Cook


Jack Cook


Tad Cook


Kevin Cooney


Bob Costello

Giovanni Costigan, commentaries, (d. Mar 24, 1990)


Sally Covert


Joanne Craig


Paul Byron Crane, Helix Radio Theatre


Gouda Cremora, Ham Radio Hours


Dale Crouse went off to WYSO and set up a tape exchange


Shawn Crowley


Walt Crowley (1947-2007)


Cubby, bijou theatre


Rich Cummings, Old Rock


John Cunnick, seepage


David Cutler




John Daily


Jeff Dann, ethnic zonk


Josh Darsa


Frank Davidson


Bill Davies, construction


Chuck Davies 


Benjamin F Dawson, engineering director, jsmf trustee


Lorna Dawson, guide layout 


Lowell Dawson


Roger Day


Joseph de Saucier


Bob Deardorf


Peggy Deleers (Engel), Jawbreaker


Bill Dempsey


Betsy Dennis


Pat Devine


Rusty Dewitt 


Elmer Dixon


Nxon Do


Paul Dorpat


Roger Downey, sunday (a program of satire and burlesque)


P J Doyle, new books


Laurie Drabble 

Mike Duffy, jsmf trustee, classic/vintage jazz, classic jazz (d. May 23, 2015)


Aaron Dumas


Jim Duncan, Assist Program Dir


Keith Dunn


Bob Dunshee, Sunday announcer, occasional programmer, and bagpiper extraordinaire (KRAB guide 94, Aug 22, 1966: "Bob Dunshee meets the man-eating bagpipe"


Lucy Dunsmoor 




Tom Eckels, chief engineer 


Doug Ekblade, station manager 03/1977 - 03/1978, volunteer producer to 1982


Don Ellis, commentary


Judy Ellison


Karen Engstrom


Dan Eskenazi (Captain Kilocycle), Ham Radio Hours 


Will Estill, donated off the air recordings


Ginny Etter 


Susan 'Susie' Evans

Frederick B Exner, commentary (Exner Records) (d. Dec 16, 1976)




Joe Fabitz


Rene Fabre, programmer


Charlotte Farr, Music for a While


Roger Ferguson


Frank Ferrel 


Rebecca Fields


Nila File, assistant manager, bijou theatre


Candy Finch


Gary W Finholt, board operator, photographer (Jul 22, 1941 - Apr 6, 2020)


David Finkel


Don Finkel


Zoe Finkel 


John Finnegan


James Fisher


Dennis Flannigan, KRABgrass 


Jeff Follette, music director


Dave Follman


Cecilia Fong, CMC


Fredericka Foster (Im/Expressions: Magazine of the Arts)


Henry H Fowler, personnel 


Dick Frahm, Deleted Records


Randy Francisco


Richard Frank, African music


David Frankel, Antioch intern 1973


Ricardo Frazer

Tiny Freeman, bluegrass (d. Jun 13, 2013)


Robert Friede, music director, jsmf trustee (Aug 12, 1940 - Nov 7, 2015)


Trudi Friede, subscriptions


Frank Fujii, jazz (Jan 14, 1930 - Oct 3, 2016)


Cecilia Fung 

 (d. Dec 4, 2007)




Tenley Galbraith


Peggy Gallaher


Barbara Gallant, chldren's programs


Jon Gallant, deleted and foreign records, minister of science, jsmf trustee


Alice Gant, guide cover artist


Dave Gardner


Robert Garfias, ethnic music, music director - old site


H Ted Garfield, News


William Garling


Melissa Garman


Jamie Garner


June M Garre 


Andrew Garrison, Antioch intern 1974


John Gerke


Tom Gibbons


Stacey Gillard ("Stacey's Mood")


Ron Ginther, bluegrass


Laura Glauberman


Fred Gleason


Sue Godfrey, the afternoon program


Kim Godson


Ann Golberg, guide cover artist


Tony Goldenberg 


Val Golding 


Linda and Leonard Good


Dean Goodell


Leila Gorbman, Ham Radio Hours, program director


David Gorden


Bruce Gordon


Terry A Graham (program log Jan 18, 1965)


Pam Gray


Benny Greatorex, donated recordings of Dick Shurman's "Urban Blues"


Bruce Greeley


George Green


Mitch Green, Antioch intern 1969

Richard Andrew Carson Greene, announcer/engineer See also Campaign for Land Commissioner (d. Nov 22, 1996)


Jeff Greinke


Malcolm Griffith 


Leoni Groper


Ann Gruchawka


Julio Guerrero


Don Gunnette, printer of the guide


Cruz Gutierrez, Nuestra Ovia Realidad


Bob Gwynne, jazz for a Sunday afternoon (d. Aug 2005)




Judith Hadley


Gray Haertig, announcer/board op 1966-1968

Carlos Hagen (d. Jul 12, 2010)


Ronald Hainline


Jeri Hamley 


Marilyn Hamlin


Bill Hammersla


Bill Hammond


Ralph Hammond


Rick and Melody Haney


Dave Hannon 


Herb Hannum, just jazz, architect in residence - Herb writing about deserts in RALPH

Bill Hanson, commentary, jsmf trustee See also: Western Friend (d. Oct 14, 2012)


Doug Hanson, call-in


Anjetta Hardison, The Gospel Hour


Jim Harper


Bernie Harret


Cindy Harris, “Surfin’ Those Cosmic Waves”


Joanne Harris


Julie Harris, progrm director 


Tody Harris


Greg Harrop


Lu Harshman


Roy Harvey


Jim Hatfield, late night music and readings, engineering


Phyllis Hatfield


Sam Hausfather


Duke Hayduk, morning program (1938 - 2020)


Barbara Hayes, KRAB Bandwagon


Howard Hays

Bud Havlisch (d. May 6, 2010)


Peggy Helander, office manager


Ken Heller


Della Hennessee


Mike Henryson


Bruce Herbert


Maury Herman


Jim Hernandez 


Scott Herrick


Geoffrey Hewings, announcer, Seattle Symphony reviews, and more


Janet Hews, children’s program and radio theatre (Dec 24, 1928 - Sep 25, 2021)


Peggy Hickox


Lisa Hicks


Luke Hiken


Gordon Hills 


Rhodes Hileman, morning show


Jamie Hix, programmer


Steve Hodes


Colleen Hogan


Irwin Hogenauer, commentary


Peter Hogue, the film review


Brian Hodel 


Margaret Hollenbach, program director, indian music, jsmf trustee


Matt Holmes


Doug Honig


Robert Horsley


Doug Hosner 


Michael Houston


Lorraine Howell


Charles Howlett, chief engineer


Susan Howlett


Dennis Howson

Traff Hubert, Traff's Trip (d. May 24, 2001 - In the NW Music Archive


Eric Hummel - chief engineer


Andrew Hummel


Steve Hunt (Dec 23, 1948 - Sep 20, 2008)


Judi Hunter


Kay Hutchins, Conversations About This, That & The Other Thing




Dave Ingebright, board op, engineering


Asaph Israel, chief engineer

Stan Iverson, commentary (d. 1985)




Jack Straw Foundation


Sarah Jacobus


Jef Jaisun


Gene Jaleski, Music of India, Classical, 1969


Dick Jameson, the film review


Robert Jangard


Raymond Jarvi


Christine Jayne


Frank Jenkins


Pamela Jennings, spoken arts, guide editor 


Rex Jennings, volunteer board op 1972


Clement Jiminez


Karen Johansen (city council hearings)


Bryan Johnson


David Johnson


Galen Johnson 


Jeff Johnson, construction


Nick "Captain Baltic" Johnson, jsmf trustee


Gene Johnston, public affairs and scandal, softball organizer


Gretchen Johnston


Sidney Johnston


Doug Jorgenson




Dick Kamp 


Sinon Karasu, Music of Turkey


Charles Karpuk


Fred Katz, volunteer, Earth Music/Third World Music; Gospel Pearls; Doo-Wop; Attention High Rollers and Arrested Adolescents!


Robert Kauffman, ethnic music, (Jun 14, 1929 - Aug 9, 2017)


Lloyd Kautz


Stephen Kayser

Stan Keen, music of the twentieth century (d. Jun 5, 2011)


Nancy Keith, dry slough road, program director, jsmf trustee, film review


Randy Kent


Joseph Keppler


Hussein Khreis 


Melodie Kinane


Louise Kincaid


Bill Kirk, 3rd class operator around 1968


Phil Klein, commentary


Kim Knierim did a panel with Herb Hannum and Gene Johnston (Sep 7, 1967)


Dirk Koorn


Karl Kotas


Charles Krafft, engineer, program guide artist (1947 - Jun 12, 2020)


Frank Krasnowsky, the sunday comics, left press review, commentary


Jim Kuhn, Flamenco Music


Maris Kundzins


Marcus Kunian


Seiji Guy Kurose, host of KRABjazz/Wasabi Hours, and participant in Pride and Shame panel discussion about the Japanese internment during WWII (Dec 21, 1952 - Oct 26, 2002)


Jeff Kutler




Eugene Lai


Henry Lai


Dennis Lam


Janet Lam


David Lamb, music programing 


Susan Landgraf 


Shirley Sprenger Lange, volunteer 1967-1971, Lightnin' Hopkins SFS event


Jeremy Lansman, first staff, chief engineer, wizard of the electron (AnchoragePress)


Leslie Larsen


Scott Larson, international news


Mari Lawless 


Molly Lawless


Steve Lawson


Sandra Layman, Earth Music


Bob LeClaire


Hal Lee, general manager


Kay Lee


King Lee, CMC


Tony Leita


Matt Lennon


Anna Leone


Ken Levine


Herb Levy


Nick Licata


Fred Lieberman, jsmf trustee


Lim Chew-Pah


Linera Rey Lucas, chauffeur


Nancy Lipsett


Bill Little


George Liu, CMC


Jim Lobe, jsmf trustee, international news


Jim Loeb


Buddy Logan


Pam Lowe


Linera Lucas


Rosendo Luna


Ken Lund




Simon M'pondo


David MacDonald, public affairs


John Macdonald


Lindsay MacDonald


Anne MacFadden, listener


John Madsen


Sharon Maeda, General Manager


Rick Maedler, station manager


Robin Magowan, Poetry Program


Khamkeo Malaythong


Marguerite David Margason, children’s program


Gary Margason, station manager, jsmf trustee, founder


Susan Marshall-Mish'alani


Michael Marti


David Martin 


Sonny Masso, Con Salsa


Jo Maynes


Randy McCarty, the morning show


Annie McDonald


Karen McDougall


Mike McKeag, the afternoon program


Chris McNerney


Lindsay McDonald, bijou theatre


Kate McGann


Darrel McMichael


Kristin Means


Chris (Christian Gustav) Melgard, British Periodicals, board op and announcer (Aug 10, 1922 - Jul 12, 2016)


Pat (Patricia) Sevringhaus Melgard, reading for children (Nov 8, 1925 - Mar 16, 2020)


David Meltzer, home movies


Collette Menasian


Steve Menasian, chief engineer, jsmf trustee, the white noise special


David Mendoza


Molly Mettler


Hadrian Micciche


Jeff Michka, news

Ed Mignon, Education of a Record Collector (d. Jan 17, 2012)


Ivars Mikelson


Joyce Mikelson 


Lorenzo Milam, founder (Surviving Geezerhood) (RALPH) (Aug 2, 1933 - Jul 19, 2020) (NYT)


Bruce Miller


Gary Miller


Phil Miller


Tom Miller, Earthmusic 1980-1982


Don Mills


Chris Minerd


Rich Minor 


Jim Mish’alani


Susan Mish’alani


Karen Mistell


Eileen Michel


Bob Michell


Thane Mitchell


Robert Mittenthal


Daryl Moegling, maintenance


Leslie Mohrman


Liz Mong 


Liz Monge


Al Mooser, commentary


Larry Moreland


Terry Morgan, jsmf trustee


Glenn Munger


Phil Munger, news director, morning man see also Progressive Alaska Blog


Weston Munro


Asaph Murfin, chief engineer


Kathleen Murphy 


Margo Murphy




Vilma Naguit


Hiroshi Nakano

Ernie Nash, jsmf trustee (d. Dec 5, 1997)


Tom Nast 


Marjorie Nelson


Rick Nelson


Bob Newman, "Rational Inquirer", 1978-1981


Assunta Ng, CMC


White Noise


William Noll, music director 


Kay Norton

Helen Norton, jsmf trustee (d. Jul 11, 2002)


Rachel-Diane Norton

Richard Norton (d. May 12, 2011)


Kenneth Novic




Byron O’Hashi


Shirley Oberg, KRABgrass


John Ochs, Tappin' the Barrel


Frank Olin 


Eugene Olson, guide cover artist

Marc Orgel, production manager, Antioch intern 1972 (d. Mar 22, 1973)


Robert Orlando


Bill Osborne, KRAB Bandwagon


Simon Ottenberg, african periodicals, the africa program, jsmf trustee


Shan Ottey 




Dick Palm


Cathy Palmer, Bookkeeping

Gregory L Palmer, The Sunday show, station manager, humanist (d. May 8, 2009)


Suzanne Palmer


Jim Paradis 


Dick Parker, a child’s garden of vegetables


Elfed Parry, "Yesterday's Sunshine 1975-1976" (d. Jan 4, 2009


Jim Parsons


Dennis Partlow


Patchman (Bob Deardorf), production manager


Dean Paton - public affairs director


Colleen Patrick


Halina Pawl


Rae Pearson


Dale Van Pelt, commentary


Pia Perniciaro, Bijou Ensemble


Barbara Peten


Dean Petrich, environment


Phil Harmonic, Ham Radio Hours


William M "Bill" Pierce, KRABgrass (Apr 6, 1932 - Feb 5, 2008)


Pam Piering


Vic Pineta 


Stoney Pink, bijou theatre


Kimson Plaut


Pamela Plumb, program director


Bob Poll, children’s reading


Jeff Poskin


Vicki Potter


Les Price 


Nashira Priester, core staff/Program Director, 1981 (d. May 6, 2021)


Janos Prohaska, gorilla 


John Prothero, commentary, jsmf trustee


Steve Putnam




Joan Rabinowitz


Stephen Rabow, Your Unpopular Hit Parade


Jerry Rahn 


Gordon Rain


Mike Ramey


Penny Rand


Joe Rastatter


Rick Ray, Antioch intern 1973


Dennis Rea, Sound Over Matter


Cheryl Read, promotions mngr/develop (fundraising) dir


Leon Reed


Rita Rega


Mike Reilly


Chuck Reinsch, eng/announcer, sta manager, jsmf trustee


Kenneth Rexroth


Jane Reynolds, antioch intern, board operator

Lowell Richards, ear to the ground, jazz now (SeaTimes: Black Panthers) (d. Feb 24, 1970)


Tom Robbins, notes from the underground


Bob Rogen, Sound Over Matter


John Rogers


Maury Roller

George Romansic (d. Jan 25, 2015)


Mike Roney


Annie Rose


Betsy Rose


Pasco Rose 


Chaim Rosemarin

John Ross, KRAB, KBOO, Seattle Folklore Society... See also (d. Apr 6, 2009)


Roswell, roswell’s rut


Larry Rouch


Dave Rowland, jsmf trustee, engineer/announcer, KBOO manager


Steve Rubin


Pat Ruckert, commentary


Varol Rutenberg


Harrison Ryker, music director




Lorraine Sakata, jsmf trustee


Roger Sale, Writing a History of Seattle, On the Foul Line (1932-2017)


Rabbi Samuels


Ali San, the music of turkey


Allen Sarno


Maggie Savage, WE Women Everywhere, 1977 Folklife (d. Aug 22, 2020)


Spiro Savvides (Spyridon “Spiro” Demetrios Savvides) See Greeks in Washington

Paul Sawyer (d. Jun 23, 2010)


Michael Scarborough, letter from england


Leonard Schrieber (program log Mar 7, 1965)


Philip Schuyler


Bill Scott


Jim Searing


Marianne Sears


Laurel Sercombe, Archivist, UW Department of Ethnomusicology


Raymond Serebrin, the robotnor hours (check him out on KPTZ)


Bill Seymour, production manager 


Charles Shaffer, engineer

George Shangrow, Music From Anywhere, and other programs (d. Jul 31, 2010)


Bob Shapiro 


Bruce Shapiro (d. Feb 15, 2022)


Charles Sharp


Bill Shepard


Ken Sher, Antioch intern 1971


Hal Sherlock, classic/vintage jazz


Peggy Sherrill


Steve Short


Dick Shurman, urban blues


Mary Siegel


Seth Siegal


Marcie Sillman


Helene Silverman, program guide design, programmer


Paula Silverman 


Alfons Simiano


Walter "Uncle Wally" Simon


Libby Sinclair, children’s program, jsmf trustee, program director


Francisco Siqueiros


Mark Sison


Keng Sithivong


Ray Skjelbred, classic jazz


Carol Skyrm


Jack Slee 


David Smith


Earl Smith, "Smitty's Old Records" and "The Old Wax Works" (b. Aug 19, 1905; d. Sep 19, 1978)


Jamie Smith, outside taping director


Jill Smith


John Smith, International News


Stanford Smith, international affairs programming


Steve Smith 


Dean Smokoff

James Snydal (d. Feb 5, 2004)


Laurie Sorenson


Sheree Sparks


John W Spellman, commentary (b. 1934; d. Jun 25, 2021)


Homer E Spence, AKA "Homer Heterodyne", (b. Mar 14, 1941; d. Jan 18, 1991), Ham Radio Hours


Margaret Ann Spiers


Marilyn Stablein


John Stair, commentary


Paul Stanbery


Hilary Stanton


Robert Stanton


Jody Stecher


Jay Stickler 


Rob Stitt (Celtic Hours, 1980-1984)




"Nearly Normal" Neil Strassman (1949 - 2020)


Darol Streib, thanks for saving all the early program guides 


Bob Summerise


Todd Summers

Robert Sund, poetry program, autoharp (d. Sep 29, 2001)


Herb Sundvall


Susan Sunflower


John Suter


Cindy Swann


Elliott Swanson, The John Fahey Half Hour, 1971


Dawod Sweilem


Dean Swerdferger


Allan Swensson, jsmf trustee (d. Nov 7, 2015)


Tamara Swift, production assistant 




Terry Tafoya, Northwest Indian News


Chas Talbot, commentary


Charles Taylor

Kathryn Taylor, The Music Room (d. Jul 13, 2002)


Pat Tennant


Khansene Thauiseth


Lois Thetford 


Jude Thilman


Karen Thomas


Jeffrey R 'Magic Fingers' Thomson


Sedge Thompson 


Dwight Threepersons


John Tillson


Bill Todd


Mike Toennessen, The Peanut Special


Choy Tok


Craig Tomashoff


Gamma Torres


John Townes 


Peter Tregillus


Norvel Trosst


Lee Trousdale


Mayumi Tsutakawa, jsmf trustee 


Amy Tuss




David Utevsky - now heard on KBCS




Alfonso Valenzuela


Bruce Van Brocklin


Brenda Vasser


Michael G Vaughan (1942-2017) - A Remembrance from KTNA


Nils Von Veh


Alan Veigel


Roger Veinus


Mary Verdery


Bob Verginia


Randle Victor


Joe Vinikow


Bill Vogel


John Volf


John Voorhees (d. Mar 25, 2015)


Harry Vye




Jan Wachter


Dick Wagner, Wooden Boats


Judith Walcutt (see also)

Selma Waldman (d. Apr 16, 2008)


Bob Waller


Mary Wanner


Ed Wapp (1943 - Apr 18, 2016), ethnomusicology, Native American music

Flo Ware (d. Mar 17, 1981), grass roots panel see also, Flo in the Helix


John Wasilunksy


Lars Watson


Sern Watt


Tim Weatherly


Bill Weaver, Monday Night Music


Tom Weaver


Burt Webb, 1973-74, Pacific Threshold


Ruth-Claire Weintraub, late night contemporary chamber music


Glenn Weiss, radio drama producer


Steven Welp, "Continuum", 1981-1982


Sandy Went


Robert Weppner, assistant manager

Dave Wertz, bluegrass (d. 1971)


Bob West (d. Jul 31, 2016), King Biscuit Time,


Barry West, the vast wasteland


John West


Gordon Whisner


Gregg Whitcomb, Vintage Rock


Barry White


Dave White


Morris White


Richard E T White 


Rory White


Nick Whitmer, production assistant 


Joanne Wiater


Michael Wiater, program director 

Art Wicks (d. Nov 10, 2013)


William Wikstrom


Dennis Wilbert


Kenny Wilcotts, Giant Steps


John Wilkinson (Feb 25, 1948 - Dec 28, 2019), after hours


Mark Wilkinson


Phil Williams (b. 1937 d. 2017), program (bluegrasss) host, jsmf trusteesee also


Sean Williams


Stuart Williams


Don Wilsun


Gary Wingert, station manager


Michael Winkelhorst


Jeffrey Winston 


Tim Wire, jazz for a Sunday morning


Stu Witmer, early music, program guide design


Paul Wittenbrock


Mary Witter (d. Oct 2015), catalogued program guide cover artists


Jodi Wolens


Lily Woo, CMC


Chris Wong


Jan Woods


Adam Woog


Carolyne Wright


Dave Wright


Hannah Wu


Carla Wulfsburg 




Kim Yee


Bud Young


Chris Young


Glenn Young

Allen Yonge, flamenco (d. Apr 25, 2009)


Albert Yu



Brian Zerr


Ellen Ziegler


Wanted dead or alive - please let me know whom is missing. This is in-progress - the brief descriptions associated with each alumnus will be expanded as my electro-shock treatments progress.

If you possess any souvenirs (program guides, tapes, or photos) or have a story about your experience with KRAB you are willing to share, please email

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