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Jan 2, 1967

St Louis (KDNA) - Broadcasting Magazine

FCC grants application of Milam and Lansman, and denies application of Christian Fundamental Church

Jan 24, 1967

Timothy Leary is coming to town, and the city council has a hearing to decide whether he can speak in the Opera House. . . . . and KRAB broadcasts it.

Feb 3, 1967

KING and KUOW air Tim Leary's debate with Sidney Cohen, while Lorenzo Milam interviews the leader of the group trying to block his appearance at the Opera House. (Click on thumbnail to make it bigger and see the other coverage)


Feb 13, 1967

(Click on image on right to make it bigger and see the whole piece)

Feb 15, 1967

A neighbor complains about interference

Feb 17, 1967

First broadcast of the Korean Temple Bells.

Feb 23, 1967

Financial report for 1966

Mar 3, 1967

KRAB relays a program from Canadian public radio, CJRT in Toronto.

Mar 13, 1967

St Louis (KDNA) - Broadcasting Magazine

FCC grants motion to give Christian Fundamental Church time to reply.

Mar 14, 1967

A program we have not found yet.

Mar 19, 1967

Lorenzo on the lecture circuit.

Apr 23, 1967

The Seattle Times occasionally carries something about KRAB, but the writer often makes no attempt to conceal their disdain. This piece is prefaced with a disclaimer about it being "slightly opinionated". Unfortunately the opinions are uninformed, frequently narrow minded, and most admiring (glowing if about celebrities) when it comes to commercial media, although in this special piece they do discuss KUOW publishing a program listing.

Click on image on the right to see the entire page.

May 7, 1967

Here a KRAB listener takes issue with what they read on Apr 23 (above).

Click on the image at right to read the whole letter.

You may note, that even responding to the listener's letter the "editor" takes swipe at KRAB's programming of music that is out of the mainstream (Native American) and KRAB programs that include readings of articles from periodicals that listeners may not have access to otherwise.

May 10, 1967

John Howard Griffin speaking about the First Principle of Racism. We have found a copy of this program, and will be sharing it in the archive soon.

May 11, 1967

Maybe Skreen was just bragging that he had deciphered what was pictured on the cover of program guide Nbr 113, but Lorenzo, four years before the first edition of Sex & Broadcasting, had a pretty good idea what it took to get attention and sell books.

Click on the image at right to see what he is writing about.

There is a lot of news in Guide Nbr 113: Gene Johnston is organizing a KRAB softball team; plans are afoot to broadcast a live group therapy marathon; and KRAB, Jack Straw, and/or Lorenzo have bought "the house across the street" at 9026 Roosevelt Way NE. The house is described as having a lawn and "three luxurious trees" where one can get out of the sun, sip julips and trade drinking stories.

Jun 3 to 4, 1967

Group Therapy Marathon - The location of the session was the "house across the street". Wires were run from the studios, up the phone poles and over the Roosevelt traffic. In case of conversation wandering into subject matter or language inappropriate for broadcast, there was a tape delay, with a mute button, and volunteer engineers at the ready to press said button. (The program guide for May 20 to Jun 4 is missing from the archive.)

Jun 12, 1967

St Louis (KDNA) - Broadcasting Magazine

FCC denies application of Christian Fundamental Church.

Jun 14, 1967

Portland (KBOO) - Broadcasting Magazine

FCC grants application of JSMF for Portland station.

Jun 16, 1967

Cougar Mountain - FAA Notice of proposed construction of tower on Cougar Mountain is re-filed with FCC.

Jun 17, 1967

Announced first on page 2 of Program Guide Nbr 115 (Jun 5, 1967):

PARTY PARTY PARTLY: There will be a big hairy beer partly on June 17th, at 4760 - 21st NE. Benefit for KRAB. Entertainment. Dancing.
A Greek chorus of commentators! . . . . .

Announced again on page 2 of Program Guide Nbr 116 (Jun 19, 1967):

PARTY: if you get this by Saturday (June 17),
we are meeting over beer and crumpets at 8:30, at 4760 - 21st NE.

OK, anyone know who who lived at 4760 21st NE, Seattle in 1967?

June 19, 1967

Portland (KBOO) - In Program Guide 116, a report on the Portland Project titled:



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