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Art is All Over, produced by Pamela Jennings

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Art is All Over: An Interview of Victor Steinbrueck by Pamela Jennings - KRAB Nov 16, 1973

Pamela Jennings talking with Victor Steinbrueck, architect and artist, designer of the Space Needle and defender of the Public market, about his new book Seattle Cityscape #2.

Preparing this program for posting, I came across a document in the Pike Place Market realm that lists all the tiles purchased during the fund drive of the early 1980's, and, seeing that Victor Steinbrueck had funded a tile, I thought it would be appropriate to put a photo of his tile here. So, after looking up the purported coordinates of said tile, off to the Market we went. Well, as it turns out, after searching up and down, right and left, left and right, two visits to the offices of the Pike Market Foundation, and one to the Market information booth, we finally got someone to admit that sometime in the last 30 years Victor's tile had been destroyed, and they hadn't gotten around to replacing it.

So we went downstairs to Matthew Steinbrueck's shop, "Raven's Nest Treasure", and he showed us a couple of Pike Place Market artifacts, photos of which are exhibited below (click on the small pictures to see a larger version). Also shown is the tile of an old KRAB architect about whom I wish I could learn more, Herb Hannum. Herb did a jazz program ("Just Jazz") from Jan 1968 until about Sep 1972. He was Minister of Propaganda for the Richard AC Greene campaign for Land Commissioner, and architect of the KRAB studios across the street from the donut shop. Unbeknownst to me at the time, he was also a friend of Dylan Thomas (that's Dylan of the White Giant's Thigh, not the Masters of War). What does this have to do with the Market? Nothing really, except that Herb's tile is still there to be seen.

First Dollar
First Dollar

Friends of Market
Friends of the Market

Steinbrueck sign on hill climb
Victor Steinbrueck

Herb's tile
Herb's Tile

For the history of the effort to save the market, see the Friends of the Market site.

listen now Listen now - Art is All Over: An Interview of Victor Steinbrueck by Pamela Jennings - KRAB Nov 16, 1973 (28:43)

Recording courtesy Jack Straw Foundation, JSF PA1224; Photos of First Dollar and Friends of Market poster courtesy Matthew Steinbrueck

Art is All Over: Tim Elliott - The Art of the Mime - produced by Pamela Jennings - Rec Nov 1973; KRAB Jan 11, 1974

Pamela Jennings interviews Seattle mime artist Tim Elliot, who discusses his training, the craft, the muse, mime and film, and the International Art Festival of Edinborough where he was invited to play for Princess Margaret.

Tim Elliot
Tim Elliott
Tim Elliott

"Art is All Over" was a regular program produced by Pamela Jennings. This one was recorded by Jeff Kutler.

Tim Elliott, originally from Missouri (it is revealed in one of the newspaper articles) appears to have arrived in Seattle around 1973. During much of the six years he was in the NW the Seattle Times featured him in several photo essays, and regularly listed his performances. Click here for some examples of the Times articles.

His last appearance in the Times was May of 1979, after which nothing is heard of him . . . anywhere. Which is to say I cannot find anything that gives us a clue as to what became of him. If you know, please pass it on.tape label

Listen now Listen now - Tim Elliott - The Art of the Mime - Rec Nov 1973; KRAB Jan 11, 1974 (36:26)


Recording courtesy Jack Straw Foundation, JSF PA1316

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