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Below are links to pages with examples of KRAB Spoken word and Music programming.

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Spoken word Music

About KRAB spoken word programming

About KRAB music programming

Miscellaneous spoken word - 1960's

KRAB Top Ten

Miscellaneous spoken word - 1970's

Miscellaneous music - 1960's

Miscellaneous spoken word - 1980's

Miscellaneous music - 1970's

Alan Watts - Philosophy East and West

Miscellaneous music - 1980's

Art is All Over with Pamela Jennings

KRAB has the Blues - King Biscuit Time, with Bob West

Black Culture - Services in Inner City Churches

KRAB has the Blues - Urban Blues, with Dick Shurman

Chinese Radio, produced by the Chinese Media Committee

Bluegrass Jamborees, with the Tall Timber Boys

Commentaries - Free speech on the radio

Bluegrass to KRABgrass - American Traditional

Experiments in Democracy, produced by Doug Honig

Bluegrass with Tiny Freeman

From African Periodicals, with Simon Ottenberg

Classic Jazz, with Mike Duffy and Ray Skjelbred

From the Center for the Study of Democratic Inst

Ethnic Music, with Professor Robert Garfias

Gene Johnston - Peripatetic KRAB Reporter

Miscellaneous ethnic, earth, or world music

Government Inspected, produced by Greg Palmer

John W Spellman Collection of ethnic music

International News

KRABgrass, with Dennis Flannigan

Jean Shepherd Does KRAB

Northwest Regional Folklife and other Festivals

KRAB's Last Night - April 15, 1984

Seattle Folklore Society Concerts

Letter From England with Michael Scarborough Reporting

The Folk Show, with Phil Andrus

Lorenzo W Milam's Page

The Robotnor Hours, with Ray Serebrin

Notes From The Underground, with Tom Robbins

Vintage Rock, with Gregg Whitcomb

Pacific NW Asian American Writers Conf 1976

Perspectives on the Japanese Internment

Poetry on KRAB

Radio Theatre on KRAB

Readings from Books and Periodicals

Science Forum, produced by Professor Jonathan Gallant

Spectrum with Carlos Hagen

The Land, produced by Nancy Keith

The Last of KRAB - Paul Dorpat Documents The End

The Sunday Show, produced by Greg Palmer

Verbal and Musical Lore in Urban Communities,
produced by Phil Andrus and Howard Weiss

Writing a History of Seattle, with Roger Sale


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