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The KRAB Top 10 - Only to be heard on KRAB, over and over

What did you hear on KRAB, only on KRAB, that seemed to be played more frequently than necessary? Or maybe it just seemed that way. Here are some musical selections that I remember being very popular with volunteers and listeners alike.

Hey you! We are still waiting to hear from any of you that have memories surviving from listening to KRAB. Or did I just imagine all this? Nominate something you heard on KRAB that got stuck in your memory, that you believe to be "top ten" material. Remember, only heard on KRAB, and heard often. Write us at

Ketjak (Ketcak) - First scheduled on KRAB Nov 23, 1967 - "WE HAVE NO ART; EVERYTHING IS GENUINE. . . ", and again and again and again, including May 20, 1970 for a marathon with this description: "KETJAK: THE RAMAYANA MONKEY CHANT - A dance of exorcism recorded in Bali by David Lewiston. Traditionally, the chant is a re-enactment of the battle between Prince Rama and King Ravana, during which the good prince was saved by hordes of monkeys. We assure you this tale is not a parable of the KRAB financial situation, because that would make you subscribers the hordes of, uh . . . . ." - This is a short excerpt. [See Letters and Things Dec 9, 2018, to understand how Ketjak made it on to the list.]

An Avalanche for Pitchman, Prima-Donna, Player Piano, Percussionist, and Pre-Recorded Playback, by Lejaren Hiller (1968)

The Manhattan Transfer does the Java Jive - Gouda's Theme

John Cage and David Tudor: Indeterminacy - Story number 90 - No explanation necessary

The Crane, by Harry Partch, from the Twelve Intrusions (later reduced to eleven). These short works appeared on KRAB frequently. The earliest we can document Partch on KRAB was Apr 15, 1963 with Castor and Pollux in a concert of dance music sandwiched between Bugaku and two horos from Bulgaria.

Sundanese "Water Music" - In an ethnic music program from 1963, Bob Garfias mentions that KRAB has a sign-on theme. Why yes, of course. And the one he describes was immediately dripping through my head, Sundanese Water Music on a Folkways album. The sign-on themes changed at least as often as the person doing the morning show changed, and sometimes oftener. This one is a duet for suling and kecapi. The notes to the album were by Henry Cowell.

Whispered song in praise of a benefactor; performed on inanga and sung by Francois Muduga; 1967 (KRAB Jun 14, 1970)

Cosmic Love by Ralph Lundsten, from the album Olskog; 1970 (An electronic new-age interpretation of Serge Gainsbourgs popular and exceedingly self-indulgent J'Taime) (KRAB Jan 14, 1972)

Cantata Ich habe genug, by J S Bach; performed by Dietrich Fischer Dieskau ("Dishcloth" as he was known to his friends) [See also: Lorenzo in RALPH Magazine, and the BBC writes to Lorenzo and he writes back, and Johan Sebastian Bach and the Aliens]

In Christ There is No East or West - John Fahey with some old time religion.

The Train and the River - The Jimmy Giuffre Three (Jimmy Giuffre, clarinet, tenor sax, and baritone sax; Jim Hall guitar; Ralph Pena, bass). I remember Nancy Keith used to play from this album regularly.

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