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Here you will find samples, some complete shows, many partial recordings, of music programs heard on KRAB, listed in rough chronological order. Where we have found multiple recordings of a series of programs, they have been placed in their own pages, which are accessible through the Audio Archives main menu.

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Life Elsewhere with George Romansic, Judith Malmgren, Jim Anderson, and Norman Batley - KRAB 1979 to 1984

Life Elsewhere was first revealed Saturday, Mar 3, 1979 with this notice

More curious than involved? Tune in for painfully loud and unintelligible music, from the Buzzcocks and x-ray spex. Also the delightful Yes LA., not produced by Brian Eno. An approach to rock with George Romansic, Judith Malmgren, and Jim Anderson.

It occurred again Apr 28, 1979 with this

The second of monthly doses of real music, this time exploring George's fascination with metric groups, Judy's keen interest in screaming women and Jim's attempt to discover WHO KILLED BAMBI.

It was Gojira (ゴジラ), wasn't it?

And then, in Jan 1980, beneath the title "smith-corona, My Sharona", the manifesto appeared:

As Darwin predicted in his Origin of the Species, Life Elsewhere has not remained the same. Initially produced by Judy Malmgren, George Romansic, and Jim Anderson in January of 1979, Life Elsewhere was a punk rock show airing once a month. In September of this year Norman Batley joined us and the show has been expanded to every other Saturday night. Life Elsewhere is a new wave music show committed to bringing Seattle the new, the exciting, and the ignored music of the Seventies.

Norman moved to Seattle a year ago and his contacts with the British music scene bring us tapes and records not available in the United States. George's roots are more basic to the American scene, veering towards the unusual. Judy can't give up the sounds of the sixties that first drove her parents crazy, and Jim adds a local enthusiasm, his finger ever on the throbbing pulse of the city.

Commercial radio has become an institution which denies airplay to musical variants from the norm, an instrument of the corporations which dictate what our ears will receive. The prohibitive expense of vinyl and the veritable plethora of shiny black discs present a difficult if not impossible barrier to those who seek epiphany producing sounds. Though the impetus may be political, our underlying love of rock and roll continues as we bring to Seattle the music which it asks for and needs to initiate the previously unexposed. Our hope is to provide a medium of communication, as is the intent of listener-supported radio, and a means of escape for late night Saturday hours. Join us on into Sunday morning. We invite you to listen, entreat you to call (325-5110), and enjoy any and all written responses.

Buzzcocks Sex Pistols Tom Verlaine Lou Reed Pere Ubu Ramones Cabaret Voltaire B-52's XTC X-Ray Spex Eno Only Ones Patti Smith Dictators The Jam Kleenex Siouxsie and the Banshees Teenage Jesus and The Jerks Heartbreakers The Clash James White and The Blacks The Contortions Ultra Vox T.V.O.D. Alternative T.V . Public Image Generation X Richard Hell and The Voidoids Destroy All Monsters Dead Boys Sham 69

Jun 8, 2017 - Just discovered Norman B now has a blog and is streaming audio of a reincarnated Life Elsewhere. You can see and hear it for yourself at:

Listen now Listen now - Life Elsewhere with George Romansic and Jim Anderson - KRAB Nov 3, 1979 (85:52) (updated)

Listen now Listen now - Life Elsewhere with George and Jim - KRAB Feb 23, 1980 (80:00)

Listen now Listen now - Life Elsewhere with George and Jim - KRAB Apr 13, 1980 (159:59)

Listen now Listen now - Life Elsewhere with Norman Batley - KRAB Apr 12, 1984 (39:45)

Recordings courtesy Gregg Whitcomb and Paul Dorpat

KRAB Music Hall with John Jay - KRAB 1980 (Census time)

On the flip side of Anne MacFadden's Saturday Afternoon Blues cassette (above), is John Jay's KRAB Music Hall substituting for Sunday Afternoon Jazz with Doug Ekblade. Doug did the jazz show from mid-1980 to mid-1983, and the PSA for census workers dates this to 1980.

At the 28:10 the tape shifts to a poetry program.

Listen now KRAB Music Hall with John Jay - KRAB 1980 (Census time) (30:41)

Recording courtesy Anne MacFadden, AM0002

Sing Out a Woman's Story with Leslie Larsen - KRAB Feb 1980?

"Sing Out a Woman's Story" was mostly a music program, although some episodes included poetry and other content.

Trying to figure out when this was broadcast: At approximately the 36 minute mark there is an announcement that "International Women's Day will start Mar 8 at 6 pm.....". That does not narrow it down much, as IWD special programming almost always started on Mar 8, except for 1981 when it started on Mar 7.

"Sing Out a Woman's Story" aired from Aug of 1978 to Sep 1983, which narrows down the broadcast of this particular program to sometime between 1979 and 1983. On the other hand, Leslie Larsen is credited for hosting "Sing Out" monthly from Mar 19, 1979 to May 1981, but she continued to be on the volunteer list through Feb 1982. Was this program aired in Feb of 1980?

Amongst the producers of "Sing Out" were the following: Betsy Rose, Py Bateman, Eileen Michel, Della Hennesee, Judy Bierman, Betsy Dennis, Karen Berge, Beliz Brother, Joanne Craig, Leslie Larsen (in some guides spelled "Larson"), Doris Brevoort, Kathryn Taylor, Helene Silverman, Kathy Bottoms, Sarah Jacobus, Jill Smith, Karen Thomas, Kristin Means, Annie Rose, Carla Becker, Carol Rutenberg, and Marcie Sillman

Can anyone tell us more about this program, or share additional audio?

The first song heard on this recording is Mehitabel's Theme from Rosalie Sorrels album "Always A Lady". Sorrels was a folksinger from Idaho, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 83.

Tape LabelListen now Sing Out a Woman's Story with Leslie Larsen - KRAB Feb 1980? (63:46)

Recording courtesy Dennis Flannigan, DF1042

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon - KRAB June 6 - 8, 1980

Radio Station KRAB pays tribute to the roots of culture with its Vintage Rock Marathon in June 1980, and in so doing, adds to the legacy for past, present and future.

To our knowledge the earliest fund raising marathon on public radio was on KRAB in Nov 1963. During KRAB's first decade these annual events had two functions: To introduce listeners to the diversity and qualities of KRAB programming, and to persuade the listeners to subscribe for the coming year. The first function was served by reprising favorite programs aired in previous years, and the second by presenting the listeners with a variety of reasons for contributing to "listener supported radio".

Over the years, as the institutions that owned other noncommercial radio stations strove to reduce their financial commitments to the operation of their stations, they saw listener support and marathons as fund raising opportunities, forcing KRAB to try different strategies.

This is an excerpt from a three-day theme based marathon. The theme is rock and roll music, which would have been anathema in the 1960's, although KRAB did have a "Big Enormous Gigantic Beatles Festival" in Aug of 1966, and there were a couple of panel discussions about Rock and whether it had sufficient redeeming social or artistic merit to warrant being aired on KRAB. Gregg Whitcomb, whose Vintage Rock had been happening since 1973, was scheduled in the guide for several programs, but had been sent to Norman, Oklahoma to learn the mysteries of ZMT (the "Zip Mail Translator"), so other volunteers took over. These tapes are from the last day.

The complete three-day schedule in the program guide can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

Happening In the world: Mt Saint Helens erupted the month before the marathon; American hostages were being held in Iran, hence the references to Ayatollah Khomeini; Reagan was running against Carter for President; Kosygin was running the USSR; Thatcher the United Kingdom.

Sunday Jun 8, 1980

8:00 am - Big Business Meets Music - Gregg Whitcomb was scheduled, but this segment ended up being hosted by "Dr O" (Octopus?) with listener Jim Holt bringing his records up to the station. Doug Honig, Gretchen Johnston, and Jim (?) provide fund raising updates. This is the last 70 minutes of a 4 hour block. (70:15)

12:00 noon - Surf's Up - Hang ten all you hodads with Helena who lived in Hermosa Beach, Calif in the early 60s. She'll be playing boss surf hits along w/obscure gems from the days of knobby knees and Madras shirts. Jan & Dean, Beach Boys and more. Host Helena Rogers.

Hosted by Helena Rogers; Jim Anderson and Bob Bradac with pledge updates. (215:54)

4:00 pm - Prescription: A Shot of Rhythm & Blues with a Little Rock and Roll on the Side - In the spirit of Ecumenicism, monsignor Katz shares duties with Dean Silvertone, spiritual leader for thousands of vinyl addicts scattered worldwide. Mr. Silvertone, from his clinic at the Golden Oldies Record Exchange dispenses aid and words of encouragement to the many victims of the dreaded disease, Acute Vinylitis. Prescribing massive doses of rarely aired r&b miracle sounds first synthesized by the audio alchemists of the early 50s Silvertone has rescued countless unfortunates' stricken by this virulent germ. Doors open at the clinic at 4:00 p.m.

Fred Katz? Pledge pitches and updates from John Townes and Betsy Dennis (99:41)

7:00 pm - The Moskowitz-Schwartzkopf Version of American Bandstand - Rate the latest records; if it's got a great beat and you can dance to it, then give a 9-1/2! Dance to best songs of the golden age of rock and roll as they appeared on the legendary afternoon tv extravaganza of the late 1950s.

Bob Baron and "Ophelia Schwartzkopf" host. (128:19)

9:00 pm - King of the Clowning Blues - Louis Jordan, and those that he has influenced (Amos Milborn, Bill Haley, Timmy--Oh Yeah-Rogers) will be this evening's rocking prospect. With a little help from Dave White and Louis' roots, we'll spin some sturdy branches in this lighthearted family tree of rolling R&B.

Hosted by Dave White and Matt Holmes.(125:00)

Tape label11:00 pm - The British Invasion - Animals, Beatle, Stones, DC-5, Herman & Hermits, Who, Them and Zombies. No, this is not the plot for a sci-fi movie, it's music from England with your host John Townes.

John Townes and Stan Smith hosting, with Sharon, Jack and Bill on the telephones (121:36)

Listen now Listen now - Rock 'N' Roll Marathon - KRAB Jun 8, 1980 (12 hrs, 40 min, 45 sec)

Recordings courtesy Dennis Flannigan, DF1266 and DF1267

True Blues, with Dave White - KRAB Aug 26, 1981

As an extension from our "prewar blues" show, dark and murky corridors will be swamped with a blue light as the many blind recording greats, including Blind Blake, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Sonny Terry guide us through the dusty, winding roads of ancient record grooves with your chaperone, Dave White.

Listen now Listen now - True Blues, with Dave White - KRAB Aug 26, 1981 (61:56)

Recording courtesy Glen Beebe

Start at the Start, with George Romansic - KRAB Sep 13, 1981

R.I.P. George Romansic, an Unsung Pioneer of Northwest Indie Music Culture, (1956-2015) - Kelton Sears in Seattle Weekly, Jan 26, 2015

Listen now Listen now - Start at the Start, with George Romansic - KRAB Sep 13, 1981 (79:00)


Recording courtesy Gregg Whitcomb

KRAB Music Hall - KRAB Jul 4, 1982

With John Jay. Other somewhat similar programs aired on KRAB featuring recordings made in the first half of the century using prehistoric technology included the following:

Songs Like It Aint But Oughta Be ("Jack Roberts hosts a program of straight music of the thirties. Syruppy
melodies, golden throats, visions of Busby Barnaby choreography, etc. Wonderful!" 1968-1969?);

Nostalgic Syrup ("Dave Jones with straight music of the late 20's, the 30's and the 40 's");

Smitty's Old Records (Earl Smith with "songs of the good old days .. ragtime .. vaudeville", 1970-1972);

Yesterday's Sunshine (Elfed Parry plays old 78's 1975-1976);

Memory Lane (Frank Olin with Old 78's, 1976-1980);

KRAB Music Hall (John Jay, Bill Osborne and Barbara Hayes with "American popular music from the 1890s to 1950, 1980-1984)

Listen now Listen now - The KRAB Music Hall - KRAB Jul 4, 1982 (27:24)

Recording courtesy of aircheck collector George Gucinski, who offered this when I posted in several radio history web sites about the KRAB archive project.

KRAB Music Hall with John Jay - Jul 11, 1982

Opening with the last four minutes of Libby Sinclair's hour of music and stories especially for children. That's Libby doing the ID.

Then, it may sound like the theme for Greg Palmer's Sunday show, but it is actually John Jay with KRAB Music Hall. Last week on Jul 4 he played Bing Crosby's version of "Ballad for American's". At a listeners's request, this week, he presents Paul Robeson and the American Peoples Chorus with their version. The poem by John Latouche set to music by Earl Robinson.

Listen now KRAB Music Hall with John Jay - KRAB Jul 11, 1982 (21:15)

Recording courtesy of George Gucinski, GG0002

Jazz Vocalist Mark Murphy is interviewed by Nick Johnson on Round About Jazz - KRAB Jul 2, 1983

Seattle Times Jun 1983Sometime between the mid 1970's and 1982, jazz spread into Saturday mornings, and none other than late night jazz and bebop host Nick Johnson (aka Captain Baltic) started alternating with Dave Gardner and Traff Hubert. Here is Nick speaking with Mark Murphy at KRAB's Jackson Street studios on a Saturday morning. Murphy was in Seattle appearing at Jazz Alley in the U District (4135 University Way NE).

Murphy died in Oct 2015 at the age of 83. Here's an obit published in No Depression that may be of interest.

Listen now Jazz Vocalist Mark Murphy is interviewed by Nick Johnson on Round About Jazz - KRAB Jul 2, 1983 (22:24)

Recording courtesy Nick Johnson, NJO0001

The Electrifying Warriors at the Tender Mercy Deliverance Center - KRAB 1983

The first reference I can find to gospel music on KRAB was Dec 18, 1963, a "Big Fat Obscure Jazz- Blues-Gospel Festival", which was a return event of a program that Mike Duffy, Ray Skjelbred, and William R Lovy, Sr. did in the Spring of 1963.

Other highlights over the years included:

  • "The Gospel Show with Rev Causey and his congregation" (Jun 30, 1968);

  • Christmas Month Service recorded at the the First A.M.E. Church in Seattle, with the Reverend Cecil L Murray and the church choir (Dec 24, 1974);

  • "Not a live broadcast, but a LIVE broadcast from the House of Refuge Church of the Pentecost, complete with its remarkable congregation and choir, drums, piano, organ, trumpet, tambourine, and a special Christmas sermon by the Reverend Robert J. Causey" (Dec 25, 1974);

  • The Total Experience Gospel Choir in the KRAB music studio (Apr 6, 1977);

  • TEGC again, this time live from the Bilalian Kitchen (Jun 13, 1977);

  • And in the 1980's, "Sea-Tac Gospel Train" hosted by Sister Mae Campbell; "The Gospel Hour" hosted by Sister Anjetta Hardison; and "Gospel Pearls", a program with a lot of hosts: Fred Katz and Cleven Ticeson (Oct 1978 - Oct 1980); Tim Weatherly (Dec 1980); Diane Watt; "The Weatherlys"; Tim Weatherly and Anjetta Hardison (1982 - 1984).

Bob West made this recording. According to his notes it features Tim Weatherly with the Electrifying Warriors performing at the Tender Mercy Deliverance Center located at 2520 S Dearborn. Pastor John Sauls presiding. It was aired on "Gospel Pearls" in 1983 or 1984.

Listen now Listen now - The Electrifying Warriors - KRAB 1983 (69:11)

Recording courtesy Bob West

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