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KRAB International News - Part 2

Three years later, in Apr of 1976, KRAB tried again: Volunteer Jim Lobe proposed a weekly program described in the guide like this:

Goon Show makes room for inernational news

Apr 4, 1976

Apr 4, 1976

In Sep it was announced the weekly program would be transitioning to (almost) daily:

Sep 14, 1976

The Oct guide mentioned that three to six people were assisting in the production of the news and asked for volunteers. It also reminded people that the BBC Newsreel was being broadcast daily during the Early Music program:

Oct 1976

The International News - KRAB Feb 8, 1977

The only in-depth survey of the subject, produced every weeknight by Jim Lobe and the international
news squad.

Bob West appears to have recorded the evenings programming: Tuesday Night Live at KRAB, International News, George Carlin (to fill), and David's Fantasy. The Tuesday Night Live at KRAB program can be found elsewhere in the archive, but the remainder of the evening is presented here.

So far this is the only recording of the International News we have recovered.

Listen now Listen now - The International News - KRAB Feb 8, 1977 (70:01)

Recording from the Bob West collection, BW0156

The volunteers making up the "International News Squad" were identified in Mar of 1977, and in this guide John Smith is named as News Director.

Mar 1977

As with the 1972-73 news, and as mentioned in the Oct 1976 listing above, local news began to be included in the scope of the program. From the guide of Apr 1977:

Apr 1977

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To be continued . . . . .

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