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The KRAB studio, office, and transmitter is located at 9029 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, Washington;
Phone number is LA-2-2321

Subscriptions to KRAB are $12.00 per year; Program guides are published fortnightly; The broadcast day starts at 5:00pm and ends at around 11:00pm; Depending upon the mood of the inmates, the station may sometimes be on the air in the morning or afternoon, as well.

Timeline documentJan 1, 1963 - Seattle Times Radio Notes


Timeline documentJan 2, 1963 - Seattle Times Radio Notes


Timeline documentJan 4, 1963

Lorenzo files an application for consent to assign the construction permit (and license) to the Jack Straw Memorial Foundation.

Timeline documentJan 5, 1963 - Seattle Times Radio Notes

Timeline documentJan 7, 1963 - Seattle Times Radio Notes

Timeline documentJan 8, 1963

Last month an FCC engineer visited KRAB and identified some "technical deficiencies". Now that they have been corrected, KRAB is asking to extend Program Test Authority indefinitely.

Timeline documentJan 8, 1963 - Seattle Times Radio Notes

Timeline documentJan 9, 1963

FCC clears technical deficiencies and grants extension of program Test Authority

Timeline document

Jan 14, 1963, Broadcasting Magazine

It is announced Jan 9th that Lorenzo is seeking to transfer the construction permit to the Jack Straw Memorial Foundation

Timeline documentJan 15, 1963

FCC accepts request application for transfer for filing, assigns BAPH-306

Timeline documentJan 15, 1963 - Seattle Times Radio Notes


Timeline documentJan 20, 1963 - Seattle Times


Timeline documentJan 21, 1963

Notice of filing BAPH-306 is published in Seattle Post Intelligencer and announced on KRAB.

Timeline documentJan 31, 1963 - Seattle Times Radio Notes

Feb 6, 1963 - Seattle Times C J Skreen

Timeline document

Timeline documentFeb 10, 1963 - Seattle Times Radio Notes


Timeline documentFeb 11, 1963

An application for modification of construction permit (transmitter) is filed.

Timeline documentFeb 11, 1963

KRAB files a request with the FCC asking for a waiver of the "Three Year Rule". This rule requires the licensee to hold a license for at least three years before they can sell and transfer it to another party.

Timeline documentFeb 14, 1963

FCC grants license of KRAB. Happy Valentines Day.

Timeline documentFeb 18, 1963

FCC publishes acceptance for filing of application for construction permit to modify transmitter

Timeline document

Feb 25, 1963, Broadcasting Magazine

On Feb 14, the FCC grants the license for KRAB. Happy valentines day.

Timeline documentMar 28, 1963

FCC responds to Lorenzo's application to voluntarily assign the construction permit to Jack Straw by posing a number of questions regarding the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, station staffing, and finances.

Timeline documentApr 1, 1963

KRAB files Annual Financial Report for calendar 1962

Timeline documentApr 18, 1963

FCC grants Construction Permit to modify transmitter, BPH-4007

Timeline document

Apr 29, 1963, Broadcasting Magazine

On Apr 18, the FCC grants a construction permit to modify transmitter type.

Timeline documentApr 30, 1963

KRAB requests additional time to reply to the FCC letter of Mar 28th, and the questions regarding voluntary assignment to Jack Straw Memorial Foundation.

Timeline documentJun 13, 1963 - - C J Skreen - Seattle Times

Six months of KRAB gets a column in the Seattle Times

Timeline documentJun 26, 1963

KRAB responds to FCC (letter of Mar 28, 1963) regarding voluntary assignment to Jack Straw Memorial Foundation. With this letter FCC is notified that two new Trustees have been elected to the JSMF Board of Directors, bringing the total to five trustees:

Lorenzo W Milam
Gary S Margason
Jonathan A Gallant
Robert A Garfias
Frank B Collinge

Station staff is identified as:

Lorenzo W Milam, General Manager
Robert Garfias, Music Director
Gary Margason, Production Manager
Jeremy Lansman, Chief Engineer
Frank Collinge and Jonathan Gallant, Interviewers and Chief Program Participants


Oct 31, 1963 - Marty Loken, This Week in Radio, Seattle Times

Timeline document


Timeline documentNov 1, 1963 - KRAB - One of a Kind and Henry Siegl String Quartet to benefit KRAB - Seattle Times


Timeline documentNov 8, 1963 - Marty Loken's Radio Rundown - KRAB is last- Seattle Times

Although the frequencies of each station are not mentioned, perhaps KRAB is last because it is on the right end of the dial.....

Timeline documentNov 8, 1963 - C J Skreen announces the Marathon -Seattle Times


Nov 9, 1963 - The First Marathon (from Program Guide #23)

Starting at 12:01 AM, KRAB (Seattle) will conduct its first gigantic marathon in order to raise $1000 for the station. Most of the regular programming will be suspended, and for 42 hours we will play music and parts of the most unusual lectures, discussions, concerts, commentaries that were heard over the station for the past year. Pledges will be solicited at disarmingly frequent intervals, and we will have a squad of motorcyclists (to be identified by hearts & “KRAB” tattooed on their arms) ready to go out and pick up the pledges. The money is needed to buy essential tubes, tapes, and to pay a bad assortment of bills that have collected in our TO BE PAID file. The Marathon will extend until 6 PM on Sunday.


Timeline documentNov 15, 1963 - Seattle Radio Jazz Scene - Marty Loken, Seattle Times

Jazz Now with Lowell Richards.

Timeline documentNov 25, 1963, Broadcasting Magazine

Almost one year after KRAB goes on the air, Lorenzo files an application for a FM station in St Louis. Many years, and battles, later this was to become KDNA, with Jeremy Lansman in charge. And much later, by 1979 Lorenzo and Jeremy had sold KDNA, St Louis, but a group in Granger, Washington contacted them, and requested permission to use the call letters for a new Spanish language public station there. "KDNA", it seems, has a phonetic resemblance to the Spanish "cadena" (a net or chain"). Coincidentally the application for the new station had been prepared by the manager of KRAB in 1976. "Radio Cadena" (KDNA, Granger) is still on the air.

Dec 6, 1963 - First Anniversary Benefit Saturnalia (Program Guide #25)

Timeline document

Timeline documentDec 10, 1963

KRAB abandons plans to modify transmitter and surrenders BPH-4007 construction permit

Dec 11, 1963 - First Anniversary Special Programming (Program Guide #25)

A year ago, KRAB went on the air with a few readings, a commentary, and some music. In celebration our program this evening is drawn from the earliest recordings we can find, some of which have only been played once, some of which we thought we had lost.

5:30 PM The poetry of IAN HAMILTON FINDLAY
This Scots poet sent us a tape of his reading of his own poetry. We first heard of him through the London Times Literary Supplement which often publishes his poetry

A selection from the series "Philosophy East and West” in which this writer and lecturer speaks persuasively of the relation between Eastern Philosophy and Western Religion.

A selection of banjo and guitar music by this Vancouver folk singer. Recorded at KRAB.

A review of some of the letters that have come into the station in the past year, and an outlining of the plans for the future.

Lack of tape made it impossible to save all that we would wish to, but these were shoved back in the corner somewhere, and we will play them now. Frank Collinge, Giovanni Costigan, Stuart Oles, and Jon Gallant.

The first interview done in our newly constructed studios. Mr. McReynolds is Field Secretary for the War Resisters League, a militant pacifist group. He describes to Jon Gallant their reaction to the shelter program, some of his experiences in jail, and his dire predictions about the post-bomb world.

This Victoria folk singer is heard as interviewed by Paul Phillips in which they sing some Scots songs.

Ethel Anderson read about us in the newspaper and immediately decided that she wanted to explain about her views of some of the world problems. So she came out, and tells about her militant letter writing campaign ("I wrote to the Pope, the President, and Somerset Maugham") and her program for old-age help.

A discussion of some poems and poets of the obscure mid-thirties school.

[Note: Recordings of only two of the programs listed above have, so far, been found: Two episodes of Alan Watts ten thousand episode "Philosophy East and West", and Jon Gallant's first KRAB commentary originally aired December 21, 1962.]

Timeline documentDec 12, 1963 - C J Skreen - Seattle Times


Dec 29, 1963 - Marty Loken - Radio in 1963 - Seattle Times

Timeline document


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