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The KRAB Timeline - 1964

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Timeline document

Jan 1, 1964 - FCC grants license renewals for KPFA, WBAI, and KPFK after hearing, and dismissing, complaints regarding "provocative" programming, Communist Party affiliation, and alleged unauthorized transfer of control.



Timeline documentJan 30, 1964 - Seattle Times Radio Notes

Feb 16, 1964 - Seattle Times, Marty LokenTimeline document



Timeline documentFeb 16, 1964 - Seattle Times Radio Notes


Mar 4, 1964 - FCC Financial Report for 1963

Mar 13, 1964 - KRAB files Petition for Immediate Action

Last year, Jan 4, 1963, Lorenzo filed an application for consent to assign the construction permit and license to the Jack Straw Memorial Foundation. The FCC had a rule to prevent transfer of licenses within three years. The rule was intended to make sure that their bureaucratic effort put into vetting potential licensees was not wasted, and that potential licensees were not operating as "fronts" for less worthy candidates.

Mar 25, 1964 - FCC grants assignment of license to Jack Straw Memorial Foundation

Timeline documentApr 5, 1964 - Seattle Times Radio Notes

Apr 6, 1964 - Lorenzo confirms that the Acts necessary for assignment have been completed

Apr 8, 1964 - FCC confirms the grant of assignment

Note Ben Waple's comment regarding the Commission's "concern over possible changes in control in the future of the Jack Straw Memorial Foundation through changes in Members and Trustees." This was to be an issue for the next 20 years.

Apr 30, 1964 - KRAB Files Ownership Report

Timeline documentMay 8, 1964 - Seattle Times, C J Skreen

Timeline documentMay 8, 1964 - Seattle Times Radio Notes

Timeline documentMay 9, 1964 - Seattle Times Radio Notes

KRAB's 2nd Marathon fund raiser

Timeline documentMay 15, 1964 - Seattle Times, C J Skreen

Jean Shepherd Show is announced in Seattle Times

May 25, 1964 - Chief Engineer and Technical Director Jeremy Lansman tries to save some money

As I understand this, Jeremy proposed a change in the method of monitoring the output from transmitter's final that would assume that, over time, the efficiency of the tubes, and the power output will decrease. The intent was to extend the life of the expensive tubes in the transmitter. Years later, KRAB was receiving donated used tubes from other stations in (KOL and KAYO?) Seattle.

Timeline documentMay 25, 1964 - Seattle Times Radio Notes

First Jean Shepherd program is broadcast on KRAB

Jun 8, 1964 - Professor Simon Ottenberg is elected to Jack Straw Memorial Foundation Board of Directors

Jun 22, 1964 - FCC responds to Jeremy's proposal regarding extending life of tubes

The FCC rejected Jeremy's proposal, preferring adjusting the plate voltage and current as required to maintain the licensed output.

Timeline documentAug 7, 1964 - Seattle Times Radio Notes


Timeline documentAug 19, 1964 - Seattle Times

Dennis who? Around this time Dennis Flannigan stops by KRAB to be interviewed about his experiences in Mississippi that summer.

Somewhere, somehow, he found time to learn a lot about bluegrass.

Timeline documentSep 6, 1964 - Seattle Times


Timeline documentOct 13, 1964 - Seattle Times Radio Notes


Timeline documentOct 29, 1964 - Seattle Times, C J Skreen


Timeline documentNov 9, 1964 - Seattle Times Radio Notes

[Charles Howlett was a member of the Seattle Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), and a KRAB volunteer (see Rabble's Babble)]

Timeline documentNov 11, 1964 - Seattle Times


Timeline documentNov 14, 1964 - Seattle Times, Marty Loken

Timeline documentNov 16 to 22, 1964 - Big Allout, Do-or-Die, Gigantic KRAB Marathon

KRAB's third Marathon

Timeline documentNov 24, 1964 - Big Blues Festival

Timeline documentNov 29, 1964 - Seattle Times


Nov 30, 1964 - Political Broadcast Report


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