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Note: There was a lot going on at KRAB in 1966. Also we are now including activities related to other KRAB Nebula stations, KBOO and KDNA, though neither had a call sign in 1966. As a result, 1966 is divided into two pages. A link to page 2 is below.

New subscription rates: $20.00 regular for one year; $12.00 per year hardship rate; $6.00 for nine months student rate.

In Mar the phone number changed to LA 2-5111

In Jul, H Vernon Buck agrees to take on morning program, signing on at 7:00 am weekdays.

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Jan 3, 1966,
Broadcasting Magazine

Portland (KBOO) - Jack Straw Memorial Foundation files application for station in Portland, Oregon.

Jan 1966
, Guide 79

Portland (KBOO) - Portland application is announced in KRAB program guide

Jan 1966
, Guide 79

Burgled! And, a gift!

Feb 1966
, Guide 81

Portland (KBOO) - Portland really wants that station.

Feb 1966,
Guide 82

KRAB starts accepting classified ads in the program guide. So JSMF Board member and local legal counsel Byron Coney buys an ad.

Feb 2, 1966

KRAB License Renewal, 1966-1969, is granted

Feb 7, 1966, Broadcasting Magazine

KRAB License Renewal, 1966-1969, is granted and announced in Broadcasting.

Feb 21, 1966, Broadcasting Magazine

Saint Louis (KDNA) - Milam and Lansman submit corrections to the transcript of the oral arguments regarding their application for a radio station in Saint Louis.

Mar 1966,
Guide 84

Fund raising - PONCHO announces who will benefit from their annual fund raising auction, and KRAB is on the list.

Apr 1966
, Guide 85

Questions . . . . . and some answers - KRAB surveys subscribers, and publishes the results.

Apr 11, 1966, Broadcasting Magazine

Saint Louis (KDNA)

Initial decision on Apr 6 is to grant application to Christian Fundamental Church, and deny application of Milam and Lansman.

Apr 13, 1966

Annual Financial report for 1965 is filed with FCC

May 1966, G
uide 87

Finding classified ads more trouble than revenue, the classified ad project is abandoned.

May 16, 1966, Broadcasting Magazine

Saint Louis (KDNA)

Lansman and Milam are given additional time to file for review of Apr 6 denial of application

Jun 16, 1966, Seattle Times

Cougar Mountain - JSMF is granted permission by King County to erect a 300 foot tower

It is uncler if the property had been purchased at this point, or if this was a final step required by JSMF before purchasing the property.

Jun 1966
, Guide 91

Cougar Mountain

Already having purchased the property with the money Lorenzo got from Louis Schweitzer last year, the Quest for Cougar Mountain begins when JSMF is granted permission by King County to erect a 300 foot tower on it. Lorenzo writes "Facilities should be operative by the end of the year."*

And, the quest for KBOO continues!





*Earlier in this same guide it is written




Jun 6, 1966, Broadcasting Magazine

Saint Louis (KDNA)

Christian Fundamental Church is given additional time to respond to Milam and Lansman application for review of review board's decision.


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